Decimation of Gaia

by Epitasis

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Wilhelm G
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Wilhelm G Not usually a fan of blackened death, however Epitasis manages to keep the entire album interesting. Fantastic well rounded album, and it will be getting many spins.
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released November 6, 2015

Alejandro Rocha

Alejandro Chapa

Andrew Torres

Trevor Jech



all rights reserved


Epitasis Chicago, Illinois

Epitasis is a death metal band based in Chicago, IL.

Alejandro Rocha
Joel Sandoval

Alejandro Chapa

Andrew Torres

Trevor Jech
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Track Name: The Silence of Extinction
Forged within the human mind
Lies the decimation of mankind
Accelerating earths global mass extinction
Gaia's wrath awoken by her failure
Crowning humanity with the gift of consciencess
Curating Instinctual genocide

At the dawn of annihilation
evolution of senseless ambition

We've have doomed our children right from fucking birth
To feed upon from the leftover toxic waste
The earth will purge this disgusting human parasite
Commence eradication and rid this disease from her soil

This world has collapsed right from under our feet
Standing idle watching as we burned it all down
Humanity, a virus we were all blind to see
A vile creation bred for global extinction

Gaia has left us to die
And burn in this dying world
A mass grave for all mankind
This world will be renewed

A genocide of worthless lives
Eradicated by the tryannical hands of man
Haunted by the vision of a blood stained earth
Loathing in the deafening silence of extinction
Track Name: Denizens
At the dawn of humanities ominous annihilation
Earth's foreseen calamity to restore harmony
Centuries obscured by endless destruction exhausting all hope for the progression of our race
Poisoning and suffocating themselves with an endless prepotence creating a meaningless existence
Forcing the future denizens of this world to collapse under the weight of their callous precursors

This is the end

Exhausting all the hope for progress
Devouring all the filth and garbage that we ingest into to our minds
Purging the facade asphyxiated on repulsive delusions
Cast from the abysmal barren wasteland
Behold the essence of life's (grand) illusion bereft of all matter
A false notion of integrity and honor,
cessation of human progress

At the apex of existence
We've lost all sense of time
These veils cant be lifted
suffocation of mankind
Track Name: Programmed Devolution
Fabrication of time
Disguised centuries of misguided minds
Possessed consciousnesses debilitated by homogenic paradise
Manufacturing brain malfunctions to desensitize de-evolution
Preservational change has obscured the brain
to suckle from the ripest utter
em-bracers of death, that spreads like a weed
Selfish behavior and habitual labor
shackled and imprisoned by our own architectural means

Birthed forth into this modern world a chilling void
latched unto my soul, the details of design slandering
individuality disguised as a testimony to our societal progress
has deemed us worthless

Procreated inculcation through propagandist instruction
The empire reigns through

Programming de-evolution unto the human race
Conforming to fraudulent cerebral conceptions
concealing itself within a fabricated domain

The price of mortality, a false sense of reality
Blinding the conscience through irrefutable disinformation
Illumination of a now degraded race
Defilers of the mind liable to execute and dehumanize
Our fate has been sealed by the destructive hands of man

Wither to the ties of your false lives
Track Name: Immolation
Track Name: Decimation of Gaia
Etched within the vast plains of eternity
Hidden behind a benevolent sun
Lies a virus of ultimate destruction
A cosmic betrayal of evolved awareness
bestowed on the consciences of man
Self aware, desperate and willing to consume
this living host
The trails of man beckon for
to witness the blackened skies of oblivion

As the flames rise to the sky suffocating the planet into a blanket of ash
Forsaking all hope for the future of our race

Sprawling cities consumed in a blink of an eye
In Earths retribution to reclaim it's throne again once more

From inception we have played our role
(To burn this world down into ashes)
Enslaved by the biosphere
(We suffocate ourselves into paralysis)
The promise of evolution
(Diluted by the virus of our minds)
Denying all hope for transcendence
(This is the decimation of Gaia)
What a blind selfish race we have become
to destroy the only thing we've forgot to love